The department carries out:

  • development and maintenance of the following:
    • enterprise information system;
    • technical means of the computer network;
    • software tools for all departments of the enterprise;
  • maintaining and updating databases for automating activities of all structural divisions of the enterprise;
  • technical support and moderation of the company’s website in the global computer network Internet –;
  • information search and expert examination based on search results in our own databases, Internet and other available databases;
  • ensuring information interaction with the authorised bodies of the EAEU member States as well as the Eurasian Economic Commission within the framework of the implementation of common processes in the field of circulation of medicinal products and medical devices;
  • ensuring information interaction within the framework of the implementation of the main directions of development of the «single window» mechanism in the system of regulation of international economic activity;
  • organisation of work to provide the company with controlled forms.

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