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Photo Director

Dear colleagues!

In 2016, effective and well cooperated work of all company’s structural subdivisions was performed.

Integration processes of the Eurasian Economic Union continued development and covered our sphere of activities as well. Work related to implementation of agreements on unified principles and rules of circulation of drug products (medical devices and equipment) within the Eurasian Economic Union to form the common market of drug products and medical devices was performed.

Our employees, as part of working groups, participated in development of documents establishing the requirements for assurance of all aspects of safety, effectiveness and quality of drug products and medical devices. All documents were developed given the contemporary international requirements in this sphere which will demand from manufacturers to comply with the highest common standards to be competitive in the Union’s market and other countries.

In 2016, Volume 2, Edition 2, State Pharmacopoeia of the Republic of Belarus (Quality control of substances for pharmaceutical use and drug vegetable stock” was issued and entered into force since July 1 (order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus dated 31.03.2016 No. 230).

This year, the Laboratory of Pharmacopoeial and Pharmaceutical Analysis has successfully passed a repeated audit from the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines attached to the Council of Europe (EDQM) and confirmed the status of the Official Medical Control Laboratory (OMCL) of the OMCL Common European Network (GEON) as an associate. The employees of the laboratory participated in 154th and 156th sessions of the European Pharmacopoeial Commission as well as in 6 interlaboratory verification tests within the Professional Test System (PTS) of the official laboratories dealing with control of drug products organised by EDQM (France) which is confirmed with participant’s certifications.

In 2016, Republican Control and Analytical Laboratory made amendments to the accreditation certificate, and based on the outcomes of the meeting of the Technical Commission on Accreditation of the National Accreditation Body of the Republic of Belarus, the laboratory’s scope of accreditation was supplemented with a new test item: medical devices. Also, the laboratory participated in the proficiency test programs organised by EDQM and BelGIM, obtained positive results and confirmed high competence of employees.

One more year has passed. For us, it was a year of hard work. I would like to sincerely thank the company’s employees for work and its outcomes, our clients for being with us, authors and members of editorial staff for successful and productive cooperation.

A Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas to you! Let atmosphere of welfare, attention and generosity warm your hearts, open them for bright intentions and noble work, and inspire hope. Let the new year bring each of you welfare and success, new bright ideas and help bring to life. I wish your families peace and mutual understanding. Let wish each other professional growth, optimism and self-confidence!

December, 2016