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Dear colleagues!

The sphere of circulation of medicinal products covering manufacture, sale and medicinal use thereof is one of the main factors ensuring stable operation of the healthcare system. Accessibility and quality of the public health service are determined to a significant extent by public policy being carried out. Pursuant to the work plan of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, the IX congress of pharmaceutical professionals of our country took place on April 22, 2016. Providing public with accessible and high quality national medicinal products, growth of the export volume of pharmaceutical products, generation and development of new approaches to organising marketing activities for sale of pharmaceutical products on the domestic market, implementation of the Head of the State’s commissions in terms of job creation and output cost reduction are those tasks that were announced by Vasiliy Zharko, Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus, who opened the forum.

2 plenary and 6 break-out sessions were held in the course of the event, where issues concerning all main directions of development of the contemporary pharmaceutical science and practice of our country were discussed: organising public provision with medicinal products, quality assurance system of medicinal products, pharmaceutical manufacture, training of specialists for pharmaceutical health sector, innovative scientific research results.

The pharmaceutical industry is the most strictly governed and controlled sphere in the majority of countries of the world. Medicinal products shall be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the main principle of which is that quality of medicinal products should be ensured directly in the process of manufacture and not only by testing of finished products. Important aspects of registration, quality control of medicinal products, and pharmacovigilance were outlined by Kravets М.М., Shamsutdinova Т.А., Efremova I.N., Maisak I.А., Setkina S.B., Malash N.I., Kovtonuyk I.P., Chernysh I.P., Marchenko S.I., Nadzharyan А.V., specialists of Centre for Examinations and Tests in Health Service UE, in reports on “Quality Assurance System of Medicinal Products”, “Registration of Domestic Medicinal Products in the Republic of Belarus”, “Pharmacovigilance System as an Effective Instrument of Postmarketing Monitoring of Medicinal Products”, “Quality Control of Medicinal Products in the Republic of Belarus”, “On Certification of Industrial Manufacture of Medicinal Products for Conformance to the Good Manufacturing Practice Requirements”, “State Pharmacopeia of the Republic of Belarus, its Current Status”, “Inhalation Medicinal Products for Treatment of Bronchial Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”.

The congress was attended by more than 350 delegates, including representatives of the management bodies of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, Centre for Examinations and Tests in Health Service UE, Farmatsya RUE, pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacies, health institutions. Old timers of the pharmaceutical sector of the country, invited foreign guests became guests of honour. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, pharmaceutical industry professionals, representatives of the National Academy of Science of Belarus and of educational institutions represented by leading higher education institutions performing training of pharmaceutical and medicinal specialists in the country, actively participated in the forum.

The reports presented on the congress included results of the work carried out at all stages from development to release and postmarketing monitoring of medicinal products, as well as issues requiring further elaboration and solution. The pharmaceutical sector with participation of all involved parties introduced main parameters on development and release of products, however further work targeted at improving the manufacturing process, increasing quality of pharmaceutical development, implementing contemporary approaches to premarketing work, including within the frames of the pharmaceutical single market of the EEU member states, increasing proficiency of specialists engaged at different stages of circulation of medicinal products, lies ahead.

May, 2016