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Dear colleagues!

The XVII Annual All-Russian Conference "State regulation in the field of medicinal products and medical devices circulation — FarmMedObraschenie-2015", during which the important issues relating to the quality control of medicinal products, supply of medicines, examination and registration of medicinal products and medical devices; pharmacovigilance, control of clinical trials; control over the circulation of narcotic drugs and psychoactive substances and their precursors, provision of palliative сare and organization of the provision of medicinal products, cultivation of narcotic plants; counteraction against circulation of counterfeit medical products were discussed, took place on October 19–20, 2015, in Moscow. Particular attention was given to the issues connected with the changes in the legal regulation of control and supervision of medical products circulation in the Russian Federation, harmonization with the international standards and regulations, legislative aspects of medicinal products circulation within the framework of EEU. This is by far not a complete list of topics that are relevant to modern healthcare and are of interest to specialists in various fields.

Murashko Mikhail Albertovich, Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare, Kagramanyan Igor Nikolaevich, First Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, Tsyb Sergey Anatolyevich, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Boitsov Vasily Borisovich, Representative of the Eurasian Economic Commission, as well as the representatives of the Federation Council and the State Duma of the Russian Federation submitted their reports on behalf of the Russian Federation, in the context of the plenary session.

The topics covered during the plenary session were discussed in detail by the participants of round tables and workshops. Among them are individual labeling and implementation of the state monitoring system of the civil circulation of medicines; the first experience of formation of the lists of medicines for medical application; experience of the pilot projects of provision of medicines; international experience in carrying out tests of medical devices; localization of manufacture of medical devices in the territory of the Russian Federation. The reports were made by the representatives of the regulatory authorities, research organizations, manufacturers of medicinal products and medical devices.

Yefremava Iryna Nikolaevna, Head of the Republican Clinical and Pharmacological Laboratory of the Center for Examinations and Tests in Health Service UE (UP), made the reports on "Legal regulation of clinical trials in the Republic of Belarus" and "Good pharmacovigilance practices in EEU" at the conference, on behalf of the Republic of Belarus. Yefremava N.I. introduced the audience to the changes of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the field of carrying out and control of the conduct of clinical trials of the medicinal products, conceptual issues of organization, operation and control of functioning of the pharmacovigilance system in the light of regulatory changes in the member countries of EEU.

The audience of the conference was represented by the specialists of research and medical institutions, interested public organizations, professional associations, wholesale and retail organizations, manufacturers of medicinal products and medical devices.

"FarmMedObraschenie-2015" has become a platform for exchange of experiences and knowledge in the area of innovative technologies, discussion of the legislative initiatives in the sphere of control over the medicinal products and medical devices circulation, improvement of interaction between business and medical professional community.

November 2015