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Dear colleagues!

Medicinal products, medical equipment and medical devices become more important for us year by year. The newly developed and leading technologies for the treatment and diagnostics play a significant role in improving the medical services provided to the population.

It is necessary not only to develop own technologies for the successful development of the industry and further maintenance and improvement of the nation’s health, but also to learn from the successful experience of foreign colleagues. The International specialized exhibition “Health Care of Belarus” held from March 24 to 27, 2015 under the patronage of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, not for the first time, becomes the best platform for it.

The theme of the exhibition is varied and covers all main branches of medicine from the pharmaceutical industry to information technologies, from laboratory and diagnostic equipment and technologies to sanatorium-resort therapy. More than 200 domestic and foreign representatives from the Russian Federation, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia, Slovak Republic, Republic of Poland and other countries took part in this large-scale event in March of this year. Among them are the leading manufacturers of medical equipment and medical devices, laboratory and diagnostic equipment, consumables, dental equipment and pharmaceutical products, medical cosmetics.

Belarusian developers and manufacturers of medical equipment and consumables (Adani UP (UE), Drive OOO (LLC), Integral OAO (JSC), Tissa OOO (LLC), Vitaz OAO (JSC) and other), organizations and enterprises of NAS of Belarus widely demonstrated their products. Belmedpreparaty RUP (RUE), Borisovskiy zavod medicinskikh preparatov OAO (Borisov Medical Preparations Plant JSC), Minskintercaps UP (UE), Nesvizh Plant of Medical Preparations OAO (Nesvizh Medical Preparations JSC), along with such companies as Academpharm, Lekpharm, Malkut, Ekzon, represented the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

The complex research-practice program, which included scientific-practical seminars, conferences, presentations, master classes, was traditionally organized.

During the exhibition, it was possible to study the innovations of the pharmaceutical industry, ask questions or directly inform the manufacturers of medicinal products, medical equipment, diagnostic and laboratory equipment of suggestions and concerns. One could become acquainted with achievements of domestic and foreign medical industries, new methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases. Today, as before, the medical exhibition in Belarus has become a place for exchange of experiences between scientists and health professionals, medical students and the heads of health care institutions. Its holding is a major contribution to the process of improving the national health system.

March 2015