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Dear colleagues!

Pharmacovigilance is an important post-registration monitoring tool aimed at identifying, evaluating and preventing undesirable effects of the use of drug products, ensuring that the benefits of the use of medical preparations exceeds the risk. The development of a national pharmacovigilance system is an important task in the field of drug circulation regulation, since the presence of an effective monitoring system determines the possibility to identify problems quickly and take measures that minimize the risk of pharmacotherapy adverse effects.

On March 14, 2019, within the framework of the 26th international specialized exhibition “Healthcare of Belarus - 2019”, a Republican scientific and practical conference “Actual issues of pharmacological safety for practical health care” with international participation was held in Minsk. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Health and the Centre for Expertise and Testing in Health Care together with the Belarusian Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The conference was attended by over 200 persons, including representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, subordinate expert organizations, practical public health specialists, employees of medical universities, pharmacovigilance specialists, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as leading pharmacovigilance experts, representatives of regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. During the forum, the following issues were discussed: global trends in the organization of the system of international and national pharmacovigilance systems, important aspects of legislation in this field, modern approaches to risk management and minimization, current issues of drug safety in practice, ways to optimize the national system for adverse reactions reporting, ways to improve the effectiveness of the pharmacovigilance system and patient safety during pharmacotherapy. Particular attention was paid to the practical issues of the use of drugs when the benefit exceeds the risk. Representatives from the pharmaceutical industry provided information on the direction for the development and improvement of the effectiveness of pharmacovigilance systems for marketing authorization holders.

The creation of the conditions that allow each person to exercise its right to health protection at all stages of life is the basic principle of the national health system. The conference is yet another contribution to the development of the national pharmacovigilance system, which helps to increase the understanding and involvement of the medical community in the work of the national drug safety monitoring system, and introducing modern pharmacotherapy approaches into medical practice when the benefits exceed the risk. The joint conference demonstrated the consolidated efforts of the regulatory authorities, the pharmaceutical industry, and the medical and pharmaceutical community to further develop and increase of the effectiveness of the national pharmacovigilance system, the effectiveness of which is the primary condition to ensure the patient safety and maximally reduce the adverse effects of pharmacotherapy.

March, 2019